31 Amazing Acrylic Coffin Nail Design Ideas in Spring 2021

Just recently we talked about different nail shapes. Here, let’s focus on a specific shape – the coffin, also known as the ballet nail. Coffin nails are great for all fashion lovers and true connoisseurs of nail shape. They get their name because they remind people of the shape of coffins or dance in Ballerina pointed shoes.

Coffin nails can be short or long. The longer they are, the more attractive they look on your hand. Nail lovers all over the world wear this nail shape and enjoy the beauty.

31 absolutely cool coffin nails for you to judge
From nude colors to interesting patterns, flashes, Gems – everything is allowed. Here are some of our favorite designs that you should try.

Textured nails may not be what we see every day, but they are really eye-catching. The best choice is to go with two textures and the rest of the nails should be nude or matte in some neutral shade.

These nails have it all – shadows, shapes and delicate floral designs. They are great for girls who like neutral but bold nails to help their clothes look better. The design on the ring finger makes a big difference. However, your nails will be very fashionable.

There’s nothing better than acrylic peach nails to match with other colors. You don’t need to have super long nails of this color to make it fit you. Whether your nails are long or short, the color looks perfect.

Matte nail polish became popular over the past few years. Since then, most girls have opted for matte nails because they look more eye-catching. These colorful nails, combined with the pink design, look great. They are still low-key, so you can wear them on any occasion, day and night.

Believe it or not, pink is once again on the throne of hue. But this time, besides neon, you need to choose something that is more blush and neutral.
Your pink should not be so eye-catching. This Blush Pink collocation is perfect with the color changing lines and ballet nails. Don’t take too long to try this great nail art.

Many women choose classic colors. Burgundy, classic red, or black – it’s your choice of your favorite. Purple is the perfect color for spring. You can choose matte or Flash nail polish. In any case, they will make a lovely statement and make a significant upgrade of your clothing from leisure to fashion.

A gleam of gold will not kill people. Long coffin nails, naked coloring, and just shining a nail polish on the edge of your nails will make you look amazing. Be careful. Nails are so long. They should be treated well

Yellow nails in summer? Good! When Beyonce made the single Le Monde, everyone wanted that gorgeous yellow dress. Now, all girls yearn for the perfect matte yellow nails. Short nails and long nails can wear this color.

Neons as trend took the hearts of many It girls. However, sometimes, you are not brave enough to wear neons as your attire. We get that. That is why you should go for neon coffin nails! You will look so bold and stylish that no one won’t pass without letting you know it!

White nails are good for spring. But the question is – how do you make them look more attractive and unique? We suggest going with gold foil and looking like you shave your nails. They’ll give you a specific chic style and a bunch of positive comments about your nails.

As you already know, crayons are very popular in your spring wardrobe. But when you can have lovely and colorful nails, why only choose the wardrobe? Light yellow, purple, pink and mint will surprise you no matter how long your nails are.

Even though these pink nails can be quite classic and casual, you can make them look amazing. Add a nail polish, with a pearl luster, and you will make your nails look gorgeous – elegant and so complex. Even if you like to keep longer nails, they can still be suitable for day and night.

Your nails can be as pink as your favorite candy. You just need to find that perfect pink shade and work with it. Whether your nails are a ballerina or you have made them in another shape, it is more than beautiful to wear them like this for daily events.



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