41 Women’s Butterfly Tattoo Designs Symbolizing Freedom

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Butterflies represent free flight and beauty.
Butterfly is a very hard-working animal. The process from birth to becoming a butterfly can also be used to symbolize growth, courage and transformation. So it also adds a bit of inspiration to butterflies

People whisper their wishes to the butterflies in their hands, and then let them fly. The butterflies will tell the wind in the sky, and the wind will tell the wishes to the elves and angels. The elves and angels can make their wishes come true. The message of love and the promise of eternity will never be forgotten. Therefore, people all believe that as long as they make a wish and then let the butterfly fly, their wish will soon come true.
I believe that many female tattoos, for the aesthetic design of tattoos is the most irresistible. If you want to have your own butterfly tattoo, I hope these pictures can give you a lot of inspiration.

Butterfly tattoo designs in summer 2020



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