52 Amazing French Tip Nail Art Designs in the Summer of 2021

French spike is a classic design that can stand the test of time. The core idea of French manicure is to apply complementary or contrasting colors to the nail tip. These new ideas for 2018 present many different aspects of French manicure. Combine different types of Manicure to make nails stand out, and so do a variety of Manicure techniques.

Stylish polishes, such as gelatin and chrome fingernails, are included here, along with freshly taken French manicure, such as flash and decoration. Real nail addicts will find many beautiful and interesting ideas that will make their nails stand out in the crowd.

French pointed nails are so popular because their basic shape is so classic and elegant. French manicure from young to old, everyone looks good. With French pointed manicure, the wearer can be exposed to the history and fashion, and also can bring the shape into the present. It’s all about polishing and decorating options.

Long thin French nails are always a statement. We can’t get enough of these cool green and bare bases. The acrylic extension at the top is an unexpected addition to the seemingly naked nail bed. This fascinating idea makes us eager to make an appointment for the next manicure.

Simple appearance is not necessarily boring. This ultra thin French manicure emphasizes the natural health and beauty of the nail bed. Retro nail trends will make you feel like a millionaire. Do we even need to mention the functionality of this fashionable look?

This concept of short and thin nails is just a re imagined French mani. Translucent nude base makeup will make your cuticle look fresh and clean. Let the ultra-thin prompt line generate extra negative space for you. If you don’t like the traditional white tip, choose a colorful alternative.

These naturally look like nails start with the whole coat of Blush Pink Gel. Their bright tips are cleverly painted on them. This shiny pink pointed headgear is designed with ring finger for a beautiful frosted finish.

This glittering French manicure reminds us of ruby. We won’t be surprised to find that this vibrant manicure has some inspiration from the infamous Wizard of Oz props. The bright pink tip contrasts with the clear undercoat. The butterfly is striking and subtle.

We are confident that the French will approve of this fashionable green and gold depicting their classic nail design. The transparent, glossy base coat is perfect for the background shimmering with emerald tips. Dazzling style is the ideal lady, not the traditional risk-taking.

These pink and white nails are a lovely take on the classic French pointed nail design. The background color is soft shell pink, and the tip gradually changes to pure white. These natural nails are worn in a practical, short length. It’s an elegant design, complemented by added black lines
Anything from casual to formal.

This French manicure design starts with a pale pink white matte nail polish. At the end, there is a neat and shiny pure white control line. This updates the classic French cutting-edge manicure to adapt to today’s manicure trends. The idea of this nail polish is great for anyone who wants a subtle but perfect touch to any equipment.

This sweet French manicure idea starts with the classic bare pink primer. The nib is drawn directly in a neat appearance. On the fingernail, there is a delicate line of white and yellow flowers. This nail art is so low-key that anyone can wear it. They provide a fresh and lovely accent for any woman’s wardrobe.

For those who are going to watch punk rock, this is a terrible black nail design. The two nails of each hand are made in the darkest glossy shadow.

If you want to get out of the routine of French manicure, try these colorful nails. This lovely and relaxed butterfly manicure design starts with a light pink base coat. Brush different colors of butterflies on each fingernail tip to form a colorful butterfly effect. This is an example of an interesting hobby nail design for all ages.

This is one of the most lovely nail art designs. A classic French pointed nail covers four of the five nails. Each of them is painted with a sweet white flower. Try to mix different nail designs together, like nail painting art and French Nail elements. This flower is simple enough that the family nail artist should be able to copy it.



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