Autumn And Winter 2020 Manicure, There Is Always A Suitable For You, Collection Of This One Is Enough!

Manicure is a project that many girls like because it can make our hands more beautiful. With the arrival of autumn and winter season, the lively colors or lovely patterns suitable for summer should also be replaced with more suitable colors and elements of autumn and winter.

Autumn and winter 2020 manicure, there is always a suitable for you, collection of this one is enough!

Bright color nail is more suitable for girls who like red department and blue department. If all of them are painted with one color, it will be more monotonous. You can choose jump color or do another color.

Matte or matte black nail is more suitable for some girls who pursue cool wind. If you wear sportswear or casual style, this nail will be very suitable.

Nude nail is more suitable for girls who like to be low-key or can’t do too bright manicure. For example, the first kind gives people a very temperament feeling, and the second is low-key and reveals personality.

With sequins or laser manicure is more special, but also very suitable for punk style sisters. Whether it is casual style or temperament style, it can hold well.

The hues of red, orange, yellow and purplish red are all warm colors,
It can make people think of warm sun and flame, and make people feel warm~
Like maple leaf and caramel,
Color lightness higher, suitable for most skin color!
Therefore, it has always been a hot nail color in autumn~



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