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Fairy Hair and Color Design, Show Your Charm

Fairy Hair and Color Design, Show Your Charm

Fairy iron hair on the length of the hair or have certain requirements, want to highlight the feeling of fairy spirit, generally medium and long hair is the most suitable
Hair length just not over the chest, hair tail part of the thin broken, hair volume is not much, this time the fairy hot effect is the most perfect
This volume is just the right magnitude, not publicity, but full of beauty. And it has the effect of weakening the hairline

Manicure/ Christmas is Coming. Are Your Nails on Holiday?

Christmas clip with a cheerful atmosphere is moving towards us, do you also intend to prepare some special dress for this long-awaited holiday? Perfect makeup, beautiful hairstyle, sexy dress can not be lacking, a Christmas manicure is for you to add a lot of points, both should be the scene, but also for their own shape to add a distinctive bright spot, and that beautiful color, is definitely to enhance the charm of the killer

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