Don’t Get Tangled Up, Choose Simple And Generous Short Gradient Nails In Spring And Summer 2020

Spring and summer are full of vitality,
It needs to be matched with cool and comfortable gradient nails!
Let’s start with these beautiful nails~

The annual fashion color in 2020 is the gradient nail
Believe soon
This low-key, steady, tall and colorful
It will sweep the fashion circle!
Today I will share 78 selected blue gradient nail !

Yellow short gradient nails designs

No matter what shape, the effect on the short nails is super cute.

The style is diverse and versatile. It’s no exaggeration to say,
You can contract your whole year’s manicure. Come and have a look~

These manicures are novel and stylish, but they won’t be particularly publicized. Most importantly,
It looks good with whatever kind of clothes.

Exude irresistible charm


It’s the most comfortable color.
Or rich, or bright.
Can also bring good mood.
It’s summer
Let’s change into a green manicure in a good mood!

[cute, fashionable and soft]

Some bright colors with high saturation seem to be out of line with each other, which will appear abrupt and provocative when applied to long nails. But on short round nails, they are magically harmonious, funny and interesting, and have a special fashion style!

Transparent nails give a clean and comfortable feeling

In the sunshine, you shine brightest this summer.

It’s very comfortable to see watermelon in summer.



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