Don’t Turn On The Super Scary Halloween Makeup In 2020

Guide: Halloween is ghost day. It’s natural to do things related to ghosts. The most traditional custom is to play ghosts. With the development of technology and more and more exquisite makeup skills, ghost makeup is becoming more and more lifelike and terrifying. Don’t click on the scary make-up, super terrible Halloween makeup.

Ghost story of Halloween: the first story

One year, the Mountaineering Club went climbing, and there was a couple of very good lovers together. When they went down the mountain to attack the peak, the weather suddenly turned bad, but they still insisted on going up the mountain. So she left the woman to look at the camp, but after three days did not see them come back. The woman was a little worried, thinking it might be because of the weather. Wait and wait. On the seventh day, everyone came back, but her boyfriend didn’t come back. They told her that on the first day of the attack, her boyfriend died. They came back in the first seven, thinking that he might come back to find her. So they formed a circle and put her in the middle. Almost 12 o’clock, suddenly her boyfriend appeared, still covered with blood, grabbed her and ran out. The girl screamed with fright and tried to struggle. At this time, her boyfriend told her that a mountain disaster happened on the first day of the attack. All the people died and only he was alive! Who do you believe?

Ghost story of Halloween: the second story—-Red clothes

It was a foreign language schools in the women’s dormitory, there are a number of times at night often have a red woman’s clothes to sell door-to-door late at night, do not know how she was downstairs escaped inspection.
Every day, all night, a knock-room, if someone opened the door and asked; ‘red clothes do not want to /’ As the girls were very angry after the quarrel, are not big cried, a few days this night.
One night, That woman came again. Thunk! Thunk! When the door opened from the inside out one of the girls she roared; “what the red dress? I want the whole. How much does it cost?”
Woman smiled, turned away and did not give her a red dress, and that night we all slept well, no one has come knocking at the door.
The next day, the dormitories were all up, only that the women’s big red red The roar of girls not to get up, her students opened her quilt, she is all red, her skin of the upper part of the body has been ripping up.
Huang who have blood flow, looks like a dress Red pieces of clothing.



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