In The Summer, You Can Try These Short Nail Designs

Although it’s a good idea to have an eye-catching manicure all year round, there are some things that make you feel more adventurous in summer. Whether it’s embracing super bright colors, fresh new textures, fashionable shapes, or bold designs, it’s time to change it. Read on to find simple ways to update your signature style, as well as this season’s most popular summer manicure design concepts, to take your manicure to the next level.

Neon nail
When it comes to neon trends, it’s all about choosing colors that suit your skin tone. Ultra bright, acid tones such as lime green, electric blue, and yellow are popular on deep skin – in fact, all neon lights will suit you if you have a very dark complexion. At the same time, if you belong to the fairer side, stick to pink and purple manicures and make the most of this dynamic trend.

Rainbow nails
It’s a sunny, warm and tropical season! Create a bold tonal fruit cocktail – think pink, nude, red, yellow and orange. When summer comes, the rules are forgotten. It’s time to show your creativity in the form of manicure. Also, there are no gloves to hide, so your nails get the attention they deserve!

French nail
Although summer offers you a lot of opportunities to try nails, one of the most popular trends is simple styling. Naked pink is the main color in summer every year for a simple reason. The hue is lovely on every skin color. It’s also great with the full spectrum of other colors, from navy blue to pink and white. It’s feminine and low-key, but still playful, and it looks simple – another huge trend for summer.

Lovely summer nails
What is more attractive than fruit! This super sweet manicure trend is a summer classic. It’s beautiful, it’s playful, and it’s a bit retro. From rainbow to cherry, butterfly and watermelon, your manicure will be full of vitality. If you want a new trend, combine cherries with dots. Red and white color matching and exquisite design are versatile enough to suit different styles. This look is very valuable on instagram. It looks delicious!

Round nail
In order to create a more low-key atmosphere, the classic round shape is also a popular trend in summer. A favorite of catwalk, this kind of unique and straightforward manicure modeling is very versatile. Round nails can attract attention when painted in a dark or bold color; or they can be highly complex when paired with a nude polish. If your style is classic and elegant or a little androgynous, open back and round nails that don’t need maintenance are a good choice.

Mixed nail design
It’s not only a chance for you to show off your creativity in this summer, but also a chance for you to choose different colors. You can mix by wearing multiple different styles on the same hand. To make you look more likable, you can choose the same basic color system, such as sunset, or you can choose different finishes, such as a mixture of flashing blue, pink, yellow, green and sky blue. The geometric shape and the straight line on the characteristic nail also look good. The only limit is your imagination.

Square nail
Square nails are a good choice. If you have a naturally narrow and flat nail bed, they will make your fingertips look wider. They are also considered to be the healthiest nail shape because they reduce the risk of falling off, pinching or breaking nails. If you choose the long acrylic, the square end is also a popular style. This is because the square tip again makes the nail look wider, balancing the length of the nail. Try bright coral or soft colors, which are popular this summer.

Flower nail
Who doesn’t like flower manicure design? This super feminine look is very suitable for summer when wild flowers are in full bloom. Basecoat is like a neutral color on a canvas to make you stand out. If you don’t have the time or expertise to hand draw flower designs on each nail, you can use decals or templates. Or, create a floral feature nail on your ring finger.

Shining nails
The most direct design to change your summer look is the glittering topcoat. The best way to save money is to apply nude nail polish on natural nails. You can also add this type of topcoat to acrylic nails. The trend this summer is for a thicker, more colorful flash than a more refined one. This is your disco! If you use less plastic, choose a biodegradable flash particle.

Interesting nail design
Add a little fun to your manicure with bright colors and special nails. Popular colors like green are a real-time emotional booster. The characteristic nail is usually on the ring finger. The key is to add hue to other polishes while creating striking contrast. It’s also an opportunity to try a design that may seem too busy or overwhelming if it’s on every nail. When it comes to summer friendly features, rainbow horizontal abstract design looks fresh and lovely.

Short coffin nail
The shape of the coffin nail, also known as the ballet style, is that it sounds like: lengthy acrylic with tapered, square edges that look like coffins or ballet shoes. This nail shape is very attitude, but also gives you enough space to play color, design and decoration. You can take them to a new level with shiny powder. If you want to make a statement, you can get these nails – so it’s not surprising that coffin nails are a favorite of instagram stars and influential people.



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