Octopus Tattoos Also Have A Moral

When it comes to octopus,
In many people’s mind, it’s braised or fried
It’s mouth watering.
In fact, octopus is also a tattoo with a high rate of appearance,
It has a lot of implications,
Let’s get to know each other!

Octopus is a very intelligent invertebrate,
Some octopus can even distinguish themselves in the mirror.
Although the eyes of an octopus are behind the body,
It has eight tentacles and looks a little ferocious,
But it is still the favorite of many tattoo lovers.
Tattoo this guy on your body,
What’s the moral?

1.Great maternal love
The octopus is fierce,
In many films and novels, it appears as a destroyer,
But it’s very different for its own children.

After spawning, the mother of Octopus keeps close to her child,
Stop eating until incubation is complete,
It will die exhausted after a long hunger strike.
Such maternal love is really great.

2.Great courage
Octopus is the “little overlord” in the water,
He is extremely powerful, resourceful and aggressive,
Tattoo it on your body,
To be able to give oneself intelligent wisdom and great courage.

3.Free love
The octopus tattoo also has a unique and interesting moral:
It symbolizes the love of freedom.



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