Spring 2021 Nail Trends and Next Nail Ideas

If you’re like me, the way to spend a particularly long and cold winter is to plan all the spring clothes and new make-up trends that you’ll soon wear. Especially nail polish. Changing the color of winter to that of spring will immediately change my overall feeling. Do you know what I mean?

Although you can wear any color or design you want at any time of the year, it’s good to have some ideas to inspire you to choose your nails every season. In order to help you solve your doubts, the following nail trends in 2021 are worth looking forward to. If you need a boost, start wearing it now. Why not! I won’t tell anyone

Coming out of the long, dreary, gray months, you think of the blue sky ahead, so much so that you want to paint them on your nails. If you want to add a little manicure to your baby’s blue nails, use white nail polish to spread white fluffy clouds.

There is a time and place, pure pink, but the time is not spring 2021, and that place is not your nails. It’s a joke that pale pink nail polish is one of the colors that are available throughout the year, but this spring is more interesting than the previous season. Bubble colors are better matched when an equally interesting and playful design, such as organic shapes, is shown here.

This spring, with all the colors. Don’t tell me to really get all your nail polish, so you can try a pattern like this. Draw the pattern of your whole nail, or draw small waves along the edge of the nail. This spring is a bit more playful

Several patterns have been an interesting trend for a while, and it won’t stop soon. Remember the Striped brush we talked about before? You want to use it to create these organic stripes, just like zebras. I know what you are thinking – in spring, with black nail polish? Surprisingly, this is what makes it so cool. But if you like bright colors, stripes and rainbow colors are just as good.

It’s like turning color into a hand full of color. In the same color system, alternate colors or add some other spring nail polish to make a custom color combination, like this pink and orange, blue, white, red, purple collocation, super simple nail art.

Silver and flowers are all spring breaking elements, but if you already have a series of nail varnish, you just need a design concept that will blend them together, so tie dye fingernails look like an interesting way to change things. When you use faded hues instead of bright, vibrant colors, you get a way to feel the best.

Speaking of pink nail polish, French manicure has returned in recent years, but there are also some changes, such as the golden stripes on this pink base. If you like to wear almond nails of nail length, this is a nail art look you can still definitely pull.

Get ready to see all kinds of glamorous shapes in different colors this spring. You may need a special magnetic oil or gel oil to achieve this cool discoloration velvet effect, or you can use a holographic nail polish to achieve a similar appearance.

In the spring of 2021, various colors of green plants will continue to be popular, green, purplish red, bright neon lights, elegant jadeite – should I go on, or do you understand? The point is that this spring is not just peppermint and seafood.



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