Tattoo | Sexy And Enchanting Back Tattoo Idea And Design

The back is flat and large, so it is an ideal place for tattoos. In work and life, the back can be completely covered by clothes, and when you have leisure and entertainment, you can show it with open back clothes, or reveal a part of the back tattoo, which will have more mysterious beauty.

Back tattoo has always been a popular area, whether it is male or female, the choice of this part is full of diversity, large, powerful and majestic, small, smart and delicate, the vast back area makes this part full of creativity, if you are having a back tattoo idea, then you should think about it.

Determine the theme
The back has enough space for creation, because the area is large enough, you can do some complicated creation to satisfy your desire for tattoo. No matter traditional school or new school, these are not problems. As long as you determine the theme and communicate with tattooists, they will be happy to create on your back, because they can give full play to it.

Determine where it is on the back
The back is different from other parts because it is a flat area. Back tattoos are generally divided into several forms: upper back, spine, waist, etc., so when you are ready to start work on the back, first determine the location of the tattoo.

But it’s not the same as the back
You can choose not only delicate tattoos
You can also choose a bold and enchanting full back pattern
Maybe a tattoo on the back can highlight a person’s personality

Color selection according to skin color
Because this part can carry on the large area tattoo design, in the color choice needs to be careful. You can choose according to your skin color, white skin people can do some colorful collocation. However, people with dark skin can do black gray design, especially tribal totem design. Spreading your whole leg will be a cool tattoo design.

The tattoo on the back is the same as the tattoo on the ankle
More often it’s hidden
It’s quite mysterious

Flexibility in the back
Because of the flexibility of the back muscles, the tattoo patterns of this part can also become more diverse, and more actions can be integrated into the design, such as the phoenix spreading wings, the galloping lion and so on.



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