The Art Of Finger Tattoo Is Interesting And Low-key

For those who want to get tattoos and are afraid of being too publicity, we brought finger tattoos this time. The tattoo with fashion, art and attitude not only shows the personality, but also improves the overall texture, which is easy to bring good feeling to people.

Finger surface, suitable for publicity you

The tattoo on the surface of the finger can’t be hidden. Only if you walk by, you can be found easily.

The Side Of The Finger Is Easy To Hide

Tattoos on the side of fingers are not easy to be found in daily life. Tattoos are easy to see on the side facing you, and on the outside they are easy to show when looking in the mirror or taking photos.

In finger tattoos, simple words or patterns are usually chosen. You can encourage your own words, tattoos here, hands up or heads down.

Simple and small design is also a good choice, arrow, moon, heart shape and so on are very suitable.



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