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The Season’s Brightest Spring Festival Almond Nail Design

Oval almond manicure should be most popular
It’s the type A that girls often do
It doesn’t just look like your hands are getting slim
And more feminine
You’ll find 38 dazzling and easy to do nail ideas – including crystal flower nails, unexpected FRENCH Tips, a mod twist wave point, etc. Most importantly, you will get your own nail polish recommendation from the creator. It’s almost spring!

The Meaning of Christmas Tree

The Meaning of Christmas Tree

Christmas is really a beautiful festival, not only have interesting customs and lovely Santa Claus, but also full of love gifts and activities. But most importantly, it’s a day of remembrance. Christmas – the day of the birth of the Son Jesus. May you all come to understand the true meaning of Christmas and share the good news of God’s love for each and every one of us.

Manicure/ Christmas is Coming. Are Your Nails on Holiday?

Christmas clip with a cheerful atmosphere is moving towards us, do you also intend to prepare some special dress for this long-awaited holiday? Perfect makeup, beautiful hairstyle, sexy dress can not be lacking, a Christmas manicure is for you to add a lot of points, both should be the scene, but also for their own shape to add a distinctive bright spot, and that beautiful color, is definitely to enhance the charm of the killer

Autumn And Winter 2020 Manicure, There Is Always A Suitable For You, Collection Of This One Is Enough!

Manicure is a project that many girls like because it can make our hands more beautiful. With the arrival of autumn and winter season, the lively colors or lovely patterns suitable for summer should also be replaced with more suitable colors and elements of autumn and winter.
The hues of red, orange, yellow and purplish red are all warm colors,
It can make people think of warm sun and flame, and make people feel warm~
Like maple leaf and caramel,
Color lightness higher, suitable for most skin color!
Therefore, it has always been a hot nail color in autumn~

Don’t Turn On The Super Scary Halloween Makeup In 2020

Guide: Halloween is ghost day. It’s natural to do things related to ghosts. The most traditional custom is to play ghosts. With the development of technology and more and more exquisite makeup skills, ghost makeup is becoming more and more lifelike and terrifying. Don’t click on the scary make-up, super terrible Halloween makeup.

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