26 Spring Acrylic Nail Art  Designs to Try This Year

Do you look lovely with spring nails, including perfect pasta, neutral and other spring colors? If so, you’ll love these spring manicure ideas!
Spring is just around the corner, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to match your nails to the colors and trends of spring.
Whether you’re planning to decorate your nails yourself or find the perfect nail to go to your local nail salon, this 26 spring nail idea is sure to boost your mood

The Season’s Brightest Spring Festival Almond Nail Design

Oval almond manicure should be most popular
It’s the type A that girls often do
It doesn’t just look like your hands are getting slim
And more feminine
You’ll find 38 dazzling and easy to do nail ideas – including crystal flower nails, unexpected FRENCH Tips, a mod twist wave point, etc. Most importantly, you will get your own nail polish recommendation from the creator. It’s almost spring!

Fairy Hair and Color Design, Show Your Charm

Fairy Hair and Color Design, Show Your Charm

Fairy iron hair on the length of the hair or have certain requirements, want to highlight the feeling of fairy spirit, generally medium and long hair is the most suitable
Hair length just not over the chest, hair tail part of the thin broken, hair volume is not much, this time the fairy hot effect is the most perfect
This volume is just the right magnitude, not publicity, but full of beauty. And it has the effect of weakening the hairline

Valentine’s Day, I Wish All Lovers Will Be Married!

February 14, Valentine’s day,
The fragrance of flowers is floating and the colored lights are flickering,
I wish there is a lover in the world,
Love without hindrance, company without boredom,
Happy life,
Love for a lifetime,
Love is sweeter than sugar, love is stronger than gold!

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