46 Beautiful short square nails for winter nail colors 2022

Get into the holiday spirit, or add some color to your life with your Winter nail art on a dark and gloomy winter day. There are many options for winter nail colors in 2022: simple chic styles for all occasions or bright, colorful, and Christmas-inspired artwork. If you love red, try a modern take on the classic French manicure with red tips, or for those who prefer less intense shades, grays, browns, and nudes are the perfect colors for your next manicure. Have fun with glitter and Christmas artwork, or choose a colorful technique.

60+ Stylish Winter hair colors & hair dye ideas to wear in 2022

The variety of Winter hair colors allows us to change our appearance at any time of the year. Usually, we want to change the color of our hair when the seasons change. However, picking a new hairstyle is better than considering which hair color is best. There are many colors to choose from, brown, red, or blonde. The star of the show this winter is in contrast, so consider combining light and dark tones.

60 Stunning Halloween makeup ideas to wear in 2022

You can try something scary (like spiders or “zombie ragdoll” style) or sweet (like colorful fairies or melting ice cream style). You can even let your kids have fun with bumblebee or kitten tutorials. (They’re even more accessible than DIY Halloween costumes for kids and toddlers!) If you’re not into head-to-toe costumes, you can even wear something simple and make your makeup itself the last piece of your Halloween costume.

34 Spooky Halloween nail art 2022 to copy now

Halloween nail art 2022 is an inevitable feature of this upcoming holiday. More importantly, your nails can become your costume. We don’t want to exaggerate the truth. Sometimes time is running out, and you still don’t have your outfit ready. Don’t panic. Choose one of these nail art ideas, go to your nail guru, or try it out yourself.

24 Cool Layered hairstyles for medium-length hair

Read this article and learn more about today’s most popular and widespread layered hairstyles for medium-length hair . You will be amazed at the variety of hairstyles and color solutions that can be executed on this basis. Of course, you will also be able to find multi-layered hairstyles that suit you. Mastering a few simple rules will allow you to look chic every day.

32 Stunning hairstyles with bangs and layers for cool girls

Hairstyles with bangs for long, medium and short hair offer you a wide range of styling options, especially if you like elongated bangs. Side-swept bangs are the most popular hairstyle for several seasons in a row. You can fluff them up, braid them, pin them up, or wear them slicked back for a more or less different hairstyle. Bangs are usually paired with short or medium-length hair, which is why we can see so many beautiful medium-length hair with bangs and blunt bangs in the beauty reports.

80+ Best Fall nails 2022 trends you’ll love

80+ Best Fall nails 2022 trends you’ll love

If you’re looking for fall nails 2022 art design ideas to replicate in 2022, this article is for you! Now is the perfect time to try nail art if you’re looking for a new look. Fall is here, and it brings a variety of new colors and designs that are perfect for your nails. You can do a manicure that matches your favorite sweater or choose a color that will make your skin glow. Whatever you choose, it’s all about trying a different season!

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