30 Amazing Almond Nail Design in May 2021

Almond nail is one of the most popular type A. This is because the soft tapered finish is super flattering, giving each finger shape a feminine, sexy, and glamorous look. While making your nail bed look slimmer, almond nails are also more practical than sharp mountain nails and exaggerated coffin nails. Even better, they’re the perfect canvas for a variety of nail polish colors, patterns, and designs. So, if you want to change your manicure, look no further!

Get inspired by the world around you and do a nature-themed manicure. If your house is full of greenery, why not paint your nails a similar color? Almond-shaped nails give you plenty of room to work, so you can be more detailed and creative. Pink nails with green features are part of the trend. More suitable for spring and summer, the red florets in this design look charming when you get a tan.

Almond shape nail design with cherry

pastel almond shaped nails

trendy almond nails

white tip almond shaped nails with butterfly

blue almond shaped nails

Because almond shaped nails are so long, you can put color on your fingertips. Most importantly, you can customize this trend to suit your style; Different colors will be completely changed to finish. Some people opt for street style manicures, full of attitude. Meanwhile, others use soft but beautiful messages for special occasions, such as their wedding or engagement party. The choice is yours.

Pink almond nails with a heart

unique nailsFeatured nails are a versatile manicure style. Simply apply a nail varnish that is in contrast to the rest of the fingertip. However, those who want a more modern and sophisticated finish can use their characteristic nails as mini art canvases. Ask your manicurist to create complex and eye-catching designs on your signature nails, while keeping the rest of the nails neutral.unique nails

neon nails

yellow and purple nail shapes

Nature Inspired Almond Nails

Light blue heart and white cloud nail design

squoval nails art

ombre nails ideas

Elegant, gentle almond nail shape

Cute Almond Nails

While almond nails are generally considered to be more attractively shaped nails, they also look cute in design. From pop art patterns to animals and plants, you can find sweet nail inspiration everywhere. A popular choice is a juicy style. It combines the lovely green hues of plants with Daisy.

black and white almond nails

red almond nails

french nails

spring almond nails

summer almond nails

Leopard almond nails

acrylic nails

nail artwork

pink and white ombre nails

gold and white almond nails ideas

flower nails

Transparent polka dot nail design



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