35 Different Shape Nail Art Designs – Amazing Prom Nail Design

The prom is a big night, with a lot of planning and getting the perfect dress, heels, hair and fingernails for the ball. When prom season arrives, girls everywhere flock to nail salons to get the perfect manicure for their prom. French nails are a classic choice, but this year, girls are a little more adventurous with nail designs. On prom night, every detail counts, and no look is complete without the perfect, just-right manicure. You can have the most gorgeous dress in town, the perfect heels and the best hairdo, but the most fashionable accessory is your fingernails.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these 35 different shapes of prom nail art that will help you decide which nail to choose for your p. From a variety of colors, textures, shapes, designs and sizes, let your nails show off your favorite eye-catching designs to match your ball dress and personal style.

Whether your prom style is elegant, eye-catching or classic, there are plenty of prom nail ideas to choose from. Ball nails come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs, so choosing the perfect manicure isn’t always an easy task, especially when you care about looking and feeling flawless on your big night. A manicure is a way to channel your inner star quality and give you dance-floor confidence on prom night.

pink coffin shaped nails

yellow ballerina nail shape

acrylic prom nail designs

Butterfly Coffin Nails

black and yellow almond nail

blue stiletto nails

Want to steal the show effortlessly at the PROM? Ombre is having a big moment and making a comprehensive statement in the nail art world. Spinned nails are also a great choice for parties. If your PROM dress is a solid color, embellish it with a sparkly PROM nail design. If simplicity is your style, choose muted, elegant colors and add some embellishments to accentuate details.

long french nails

acrylic coffin nails

beauty short nails art designs

flower coffin nail

blue nail

Orange French nails with butterflies

ballerina nail shape

prom nail designs

glitter french nail art

silver,blue,yellow,orange,neon and pink prom nails

neon nail

acrylic yellow nails

long coffin nails

flower yellow nails

Clean green French nails designs

spring nails

summer nails

nude nails

pastel nails

french ombre nails

ombre nail designs

purple nails

long square nails

nail artwoke

Black leopard nails

short flower nails



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