French Nail Design—- As Always Elegant And Simple

In this warm spring season, color can define life. Purple is romantic, yellow is bright, pink is delicate, green is good mood In such a season, it’s a good time for concave modeling. All the fancy ornaments can also be used. It’s natural to make a manicure in line with spring day. Today, I’d like to recommend spring day manicure to you!

The biggest feature of French manicure is simple and clean, reflecting its delicate beauty. This is in the same vein with French dressing. Compared with other styles, French manicure is more daily and can be matched with clothes at will.

In fact, this one is also the shape of French manicure. The difference between this one and the previous one is that it uses a high saturation color to tick the edge, which combines the features of elegant style and French manicure, so as to have a mixed effect. Play a kind of integration beauty, both fresh and lovely, and simple and generous.

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