How Does Summer Perspire Easily Makeup? This Make-up Is The Most Fresh And Lasting!

How does summer perspire easily make up? In order to protect your beauty, make up the freshest and lasting makeup like the girls below! After entering summer, many people are very worried about one thing, that is, how to make up for sweat in summer. For this reason, especially bring you a fresh and lasting make-up. Come in and have a detailed understanding when you have time!

How does summer perspire easily make up?

First of all, apply a moisturizing lotion on your face, it will help to moisturize your skin bottom, make the follow-up cosmetics better absorbed, make the bottom makeup more stable and not easy to take off makeup. Then make use of the foundation liquid that suits your skin to make up, slowly push away with the help of gourd cotton, press again, can make the bottom makeup more obedient. Then use the concealer to modify the face defect and brighten the T area, and then use the powder to fix the makeup.

In order to avoid sweating and damaging your makeup, it is recommended that you choose a light and thin eyebrow powder thrush, and then put on the nose shadow to increase the three-dimensional feeling of the nose. When putting on eye makeup, you can first apply bean paste to the eye socket and eye tail.

Use the light brown eye shadow to dye the part just stained, and then apply dark brown to the lower eye tail and eye position to increase the depth of the eye.

Then put a pink eye shadow over your eyes to make the whole eye makeup more natural and tender. In order to embellish the beautiful silkworm, we can apply the white eye liner to the eye fundus, and then use the diamond powder to polish the eye. It helps to fix makeup and brighten the eye muscles.

When drawing the eyeliner, first use the white eyeliner to draw the root of the eyelash, then use the brown eyeliner to draw the upper and lower eyeliner, and finally coat a black eyelash, that is to finish the whole eye makeup.

Using cheeks and dressing powder to modify the cheeks, add good looks and make the makeup more suitable.

Finally, first use light rose lipstick as the base, then apply deep rose lipstick to the center of the lips to dye away, and finish the good-looking lip biting makeup

In this way, don’t you think the makeup is very fresh and sweet? Summer easy to sweat girl so make-up and timely make-up do not have to be afraid to take off makeup!



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