How To Draw A Super Natural Beauty Technique To Make Your Face Full Of Color?

1, do not use Concealer or liquid foundation as the base of eye makeup. It will make you follow the eye makeup to create creases on the texture, and the whole eye will have cracking texture.

Face makeup:

2,Fingers can be used for liquid foundation. The weight can make the makeup feel more uniform. But if you want the perfect makeup, use the brush, but the brush will easily feel heavy makeup.

Neck color:

3,Make up must notice that the color of neck, face and chest must be the same, or you will wear a mask.


4,smile, blush on your laughing muscles, extend to the top of your ears, and finally sweep to the chin. The application part of honey powder is in the place where you want to shine, such as the T-shaped part. Other places only need to be brushed lightly.

5,When drawing eyebrows, lift your head up and draw from the top of the eyebrows, so as not to scatter a pile of powder on your eyelids.

6,Lipstick should not be too heavy when it comes to lip front, because the shape of lip front has a great effect on the whole lip color. It is not good-looking if it is too flat or too sharp.

7,the eye shadow must start from the lightest color system, preferably with the most white part of your skin, then slowly increase the color and extend from the upper eyelash to the eyebrow.

Make up is a technical job!
With countless tips, you can make up a satisfied face~



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