Personality Heart Dyed “Christmas Haircolor” Suitable for Christmas out Hi haircolor

The temperature is falling, but the smell of Christmas is warming up
Even in the cold winter
We also need a sense of ceremony to greet our beautiful selves
When you dress up, you need more than special make-up and new clothes
And a chic hairstyle

Christmas color, hair dye color inspired by Christmas decoration with Christmas tree, ribbons, snowflakes, balls and other color shapes inspired. Christmas comes to such a Christmas color, let your fashion let you cool

Red, black, white, green and other colors rendered medium-length wavy curls, sexy and charming atmosphere. Christmas jewelry woven hair accessories with a stunning four-seater

Short hair you are also suitable for a Christmas hair color, hair to smash a Christmas tree, a beautiful shape, especially attract the attention of others

With a long hair you, you may wish to try this goddess Fan medium long water ripples, small natural curls to show the sweet wind, see people can not help but look at the shape

Bright and eye-catching hair dye color. At the Christmas party, you can keep your gas and charm from being a shiny fad

Orange, white and green rendering of large wavy curls, dynamic level of strong curling design, more dynamic beauty. Bring your own goddess gas field, warm hair color makes the cold Christmas bring warmth

Silver and green match the rendered hair color, compared to other hair dyes no less. Low-key at the same time with a sense of fashion, gentle, this color and Christmas atmosphere just fit well

Beautifully dyed hair color, rendering a full screen of high-level fashion sense. Personality hair ornaments, although a little different, but can keep you hot



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