The Very Popular Art Design Color of Coffin Nails in the Spring of 2021

All of you who want to open this article must have high color value. We are really predestined friends. I will bring you different fashion information every day. So the content of this issue is: Spring whitening manicure collection. This year’s color is a popular color. Manicure experts should not miss it! So let’s have a look!

The weather is getting warmer day by day, and the color of the manicure has gradually changed from dark to light. Styles and patterns update very quickly. In addition to the very popular styles, there is also a topic that is often talked about. Not only to look beautiful, but also to show off. It’s not that white must be dark. For some candy colored manicures, skin tone will also increase. If you don’t believe me, please have a look.

Yellow is very soft, with a sweet girl flavor. How can a gentle and quiet girl miss this color. The combination of gold is more eye-catching, and the color selection is also very harmonious. Isn’t this the color of spring?

Usually, girls who like black nails give people a mysterious and sexy feeling. Although black is more suitable for season and winter, it is still used by many people this season. Choose blue color jump, which is not lack of fashion and very temperament.

Girls who like the glittering feeling must not miss the dress with sequins. Although the bright red series and the nude series form a visual contrast, they are not exaggerating. This style can be feminine.

Orange is a vibrant, girlish color. For those who want to pursue bright colors, orange is the best choice. Choose white and lavender. There is no conflict in the visual color system, but the combination is very soft and attractive!

This kind of nail art style is very unique, the color is bright and not exaggerated, publicity. For girls with a strong sense of fashion, manicure with bright colors is absolutely the best choice. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it.

The combination of rainbow nails not only has bright colors, but also highlights its fashion elements visually. The combination of these colors can not only complement skin color, but also make it sexy. For girls who pay attention to fashion, they must not miss it.

This year’s popular color seems to prefer orange. The colors I used to paint can eventually be changed. Let’s welcome this spring with vigor.

Butterfly nail is specially designed for lovely nails. It not only meets the bright colors, but also is very lively and lovely. For little girls, I don’t think anyone would dislike this model.



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