2021 Hot Popular Spring Almond Nail Ideas, Hurry To Change Your Nails!

The feeling of spring is bright and colorful
So spring manicure must have this element!

Flour, tender, transparent, waxy
It is also the color of spring
Next period of time is very suitable to do!
The whole spring should be sweet!

Mirror armor is really hot recently!
It is highly malleable and difficult to define
Always bring us surprise!
Multi color halo dyeing + mirror flat method
This is very popular recently!
Originally, multicolor dyeing is lively and eye-catching,
But after adding the metal mirror French edge,
Enhance the advanced sense, as if a work of art!

Simple and generous manicure,
It’s a must-have style for many girls.
Let’s have a look~

Transparent / clean
It’s also an important feature of spring manicure!



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