Valentine’s Day, I Wish All Lovers Will Be Married!

The fragrance of roses conveys a sweet mood,
Colorful balloons illuminate lovers’ eyes,
Close fingers, warm each other’s feelings,
Stars add romance to the festival.
Valentine’s Day is coming. I wish you happiness and a long time!

February 14, Valentine’s day,
Those who have lovers, those who have lovers,
In love, married,
Don’t stay at home,
Go out and have a romantic dinner,
Buy a present for her beloved,
Give him a sweet word.

Love is the most beautiful love words,
Love is the best wealth,
Love is the warmest sunshine,
Love is the sweetest happiness.
Because of love,
Two hearts are closer,
Two people cherish each other.

People who really love you,
I’m devoted to you,
Yes, I will.
together with you,
I’m not tired of seeing things for a long time.

True love,
It’s not a confession of a vow,
It’s a one-stop relationship,
It’s not rhetoric,
It’s company.

Meeting is fate,
Love is a blessing,
It’s not easy to get together,
It’s a miracle to love and know each other,
I hope that couples holding hands can get married,
I hope that my husband and wife can live a lifetime together.

February 14, Valentine’s day,
The fragrance of flowers is floating and the colored lights are flickering,
I wish there is a lover in the world,
Love without hindrance, company without boredom,
Happy life,
Love for a lifetime,
Love is sweeter than sugar, love is stronger than gold!

  How to apply the foundation correctly             

  • Apply the foundation evenly to the face with a tap or foundation brush.
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  • If you want to make your skin tone brighter, the foundation can be applied a small number of times.

tips: use your fingers to apply the foundation liquid amount is small, easy to grasp, make-up feeling thin, suitable for newbies to use;

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