Clean and Minimalist Almond Acrylic Nail Styles are Popular in 2021

Speaking of 2021 popular manicures, we have to believe, just two words: simple! Fashion has always been a turn, in the past, we all pursue novel publicity has a personality, and now, the anti-truth, whether it is clothing or beauty are comfortable and simple beauty, let alone manicure

So today’s introduction of these manicures, really clean and simple, not exaggerated, simple comfortable atmosphere but appear to be outstanding temperament, and style will not be out of date, in the New Year also appears very festive

Shiny manicures, low-key embellishment of each nail, high-gloss face appears to be more shiny and moving fingers, the most important point is that such a manicure style, no matter how many years have passed, are not too old-fashioned. Coincidentally meet the New Year and other major festivals, will add the atmosphere of the program celebration

Grandma gray manicure design and pearl matching composed of manicure, is also quite atmospheric, it can be said that such colors are not charming, but everywhere exudes a feminine charming atmosphere, style so simple but also appears to finger so white sleety

Unlike red manicures, which are not as flattering as pink, or as extensive as milk gray, this black almond nail is very vibrant and has a comfortable charm written with minimalist power

This yellow almond nails, in itself has been very white, the whole color is very inclusive, as long as in a nail face white small embellishment, the whole fashion sense, the picture sense has been very presented

Don’t know how you feel about this simple manicure that captures your heart in the first place? The white color, which is close to the natural color of the nails, tells us very clearly that simplicity can also be so beautiful to attract the attention of others

No matter at any time, the fashion with simplicity as beauty will stand the beat of time! But above each manicure style, cannot leave the simple theme melody, is really because of the simple, so let your nails become more and more comfortable, is really because your nails comfortable atmosphere, so will be more and more girls like!



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