Christmas is Coming, Christmas Coffin Nail is Beautiful and Lovely, Have You Got It?

More and more people begin to like manicure. Making a good-looking manicure is like doing a good-looking hairstyle. It can not only make you more beautiful, but also make your mood more pleasant. Do you like manicure?

White and pink are flexible and changeable styles
With a lot of accessories are very harmonious
A scene of gathering at a Christmas party
A white + accessories coffin nail designs
It’ll make you shine~

Unique shine of white manicure
With diamond, it’s smart and transparent
The combination of the two is absolutely goddess
Stop it. It’s amazing!

The coffin nails had a charming luster
Plus the blessing of diamond ornaments
The fingertips of blingbling are unforgettable~
The Christmas party feels like an instant upgrade~

Elegant and luxurious model

Blue Christmas manicure
Finally, I would like to recommend a Christmas manicure for you. It looks very luxurious, full of rich atmosphere, gorgeous on grade. I believe that many small partners like this manicure! The most eye-catching is pink gradually blue, more noble, snow, let the whole look beautiful, amazing and moving.

Sisters who like to wear light warm colors in winter
Be sure to try a gentle style manicure
Even if it’s not as bold as the dark color
But still high-quality~

Red manicure
With the advent of Christmas, many girls began to design their own Christmas manicure. The red Christmas manicure is the most in line with the public aesthetic vision. Because red is the color of Santa’s clothing, it looks more similar to Santa Claus.
The christmas snowflakes on the thumb and the gold foil on the ring finger are just too vivid. Have you ever been fascinated by it? In addition, the snow on the middle finger is more exquisite.

Share some low profile and gentle manicure styles!

The green manicure can make you full of vigor and vitality. From its appearance, it looks like emerald. The green appearance is very pleasing to the eyes and eyes. The most beautiful place is the small snowflake on the middle finger, which is more vigorous. There are also the glittering silver pieces on the finger, which instantly appears advanced, and the overall feeling is very fresh and refined.

Coffin nails, leopard and grind manicure, very personality, frosted texture, feel very comfortable, in our real life, many girls love frosted nail, looks very high.
Black and brown set off each other, not only will not feel abrupt, but also have a sense of unity, leopard design exudes a wild flavor, the addition of magic mirror powder, more advanced.

Pink manicure
Red Christmas manicure classic image, other colors are also very good-looking, but for the nail, not too restrictive, like pink friends, can also dye Christmas manicure pink, do not feel violated, compared to red, pink looks more fresh and bright.

I don’t know if you like it or not? This manicure is mainly blue. The dark blue manicure is simple and clear, with a faint sparkle. Flowers need green leaves to set off, will appear more beautiful, dark blue nail is mainly set off the beauty of light color nail.
Unlike dark blue, the light blue manicure looks very fresh. Add snowflakes to your nails.



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