25 Best Hair Color Trends That Are Worth Trying in 2021

“New year, new me” may be very tired, but do you know what is not tired? Change your hair style, and now there’s no shortage of cool hair color trends you can try. Although the biggest color trends in 2020 are all natural, beautiful ultra low maintenance colors – just like unfinished blonde and cinnamon brown, experts predict that 2021 will be a fun year as life begins to return to normal.

That doesn’t mean you have to dye your hair bright pink. On the contrary, there are many unexpected classic colors are also popular. Why ask for basic highlights when you can order silver champagne? We interviewed top stylists and learned about the most suitable hair color trends, from retro blonde to bright blue. The following is a screen capture of your next appointment.

Bold hair dyeing
Bold hair dyeing is in its heyday and will continue until 2021. While the two tones, purple and blue, may look strong, it’s also the right trend.

Two strings of hair
Two tones of hair don’t have to be half. By focusing contrast on an area, such as bangs, you can create an exciting look without going too far.

Reddish brown hair
This year’s theme is mixed hair color. If you don’t like the current “Brownd” look, why not try the lovely reddish brown?

Strawberry blonde
Sticking with the standard dark to bright ombre effect, this strawberry blonde style is characterized by a richer, pink hue at its roots.

Orange + blue hair root
This eye-catching look combines orange and rich blue hair roots. Now, it’s a fashionable way to cover regeneration!



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