30 Lovely Coffin Shape Nails To Give You Inspiration This Summer

Coffin shape nails & nailalso known as the ballet is not a new trend, but until today is still very popular. This kind of nail is very popular in the 90 s, but no less attractive. And have a wide selection of shape nails, there are some special things, but the coffin nails is almond and stilettos form one of my favorite in the nails. The coffin nail is usually very long, but can be arbitrary length.

Coffin shape design is one of the best features, they are practical, don’t like the stiletto spikes. In order to give you inspiration, I compiled 30 beautiful ballet nail art design, from talented artists.

This shape and stilettos are similar, but the tip is square, the shape is more like a coffin or a ballet dancer. Natural nails, it is difficult to pull the coffin nails. If you can keep your nails long, and is a square, it is very good. The coffin nails in false nails or long acrylic nails look better.

This design is beautiful, although the matte nail polish is known as lasting, unlike other nail polish it fashion now. If you want to catch up with the trend, the idea is worth a try.

Sequins against matte nail your design to a whole new level. Color from pink to shine on your little finger nails. Shiny nails is worthwhile things this summer,

Nude, black diamond and rhinestone create incredible ballerina nails. Each finger has a unique design, the amazing coffin nail shape. In the shape of a coffin nail is very good, if you like long nails, these nude, black matte coffin nails.

These soft blue is very beautiful, should pay attention to. If you like bright color nails, like a pink delicate, but not as cute pink. Blue and pink collection, coupled with the beautiful butterfly, butterfly dancing at your fingertips, it’s worth a try. This is gorgeous, but not too much. Coffin nails with some crystal designed for sweet. The beauty of the acrylic nails coffin design concept.



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