45 Pretty Summer Square Nails to Give a Punch to Your Summer Style

Although it’s a good idea to have an eye-catching manicure all year round, there are some things that make you feel more adventurous in summer. Whether it’s embracing super bright colors, fresh new textures, fashionable shapes, or bold designs, it’s time to change it. Read on to find simple ways to update your signature style, as well as this season’s most popular summer manicure design concepts, to take your manicure to the next level.

Nothing is more suitable for summer than soft colors, such as pink, lavender, clove, taupe, yellow, sky blue and orange. Take a look at our fashionable summer manicure design. It’s time to try the art of clothing, makeup and nails. You can try a range of summer manicures, from light nude to shiny dark. The popular nail polish in summer is dark red, blue, hot pink, bright orange, and even cobalt blue. You can try any color for your nail art to achieve the go to summer ready look.

It’s a sunny, warm and tropical season! Create a bold tonal fruit cocktail – think pink, Burgundy, yellow and light yellow. When summer comes, the rules are forgotten. It’s time to show your creativity in the form of manicure. Also, there are no gloves to hide, so your nails get the attention they deserve!

Although summer offers you a lot of opportunities to try nails, one of the most popular trends is simple styling. Green is the main theme of summer every year for a simple reason. The hue is lovely on every skin color. It’s also a great match for the full spectrum of other colors, it looks refreshing and playful – another big trend is summer.

Square nails are a good choice. If you have a naturally narrow and flat nail bed, they will make your fingertips look wider. They are also considered to be the healthiest nail shape because they reduce the risk of falling off, pinching or breaking nails, because the square tip again makes the nails look wider, balancing the length of the nails. Try bright green and black, which are popular choices this summer.

Acrylic is the fastest way to get nails you’ve always dreamed of. They are also an easy way to change the shape of your nails, and you can get the perfect summer from acrylic. Show off your perfect color combination.

A gel manicure is a simple way to keep your fingernails color and design durable. Gel nails are also softer and more elastic than acrylic, so it looks more natural. Stick to the natural theme, Gel nails look beautiful summer collocation with light blue or nude nail polish. Decorate it with different finishes such as matte and gloss, and add lovely details such as flash stripes.

What is more attractive than time manicure! This super sweet manicure trend is a summer classic. It’s beautiful and innovative. Your manicure will be full of vitality.

The most direct design to change your summer look is the glittering topcoat. The best way to save money is to apply nude nail polish on natural nails. You can also add this type of topcoat to acrylic nails. The trend this summer is for a thicker, more colorful flash than a more refined one. Let 2021 shine on your hands!



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