30 Stunning Prom Hairstyles Easy Enough to Do at Home

The prom is one of the most important days of your life – to remember, of course. Remember this charming night, full of smiles, laughter and, of course, elegant “hairstyle” to enhance your bright smile. You’ll be amazed by the crowd with one of these dazzling Hairstyles for the prom!

When you don’t have much time and need something fast and simple, steamed buns are the typical preferred style, but they can be easily enlarged and enhanced to accompany you to the most fashionable occasions. Take this fluffy bun as an example – a lot of romance, precise curls and a lot of texture make this bun end with elegant figure. Leave a few loose strands of hair around your face to soften your hair.

The sweet, innocent beauty of this hairstyle is overwhelming, and certainly good. Waterfall braiding highlights loose curly hair, presents a mysterious beauty, and creates an elegant jumping design. The best choice for a medium length hairstyle.

Let your semi updo stand out from the crowd and look like this! A simple hair roll around the nape of the neck gives this somewhat pleasant plump look, set apart from the top part straight from the luxurious curly bottom half. Chic braid and beautiful wreath, you are unique at this moment.

If we can go back to our own prom, it’s our style. Thick curly hair gives us a strong disco atmosphere – seriously, we can’t think of a better mood to come to your fancy dance.

Like the retro look? Consider this retro homecoming hairstyle! We all know how popular bun is when it comes to fancy occasions, but you can shake up a little bit by throwing braids on a wacky chain to add uniqueness and dimension. Don’t forget to leave a curly hair on your face to reveal the Renaissance innocence that we all know and like.

Princess hair is full of natural charm, hair end has a light curve.

Another great choice when it comes to sexy, seductive horsetail style! This lovely lady starts her look with a charming French braid, one of which pulls the bangs away from her face and makes her eyes shine. Her huge waves need a big barrel of curling Sticks / wands to reach a full, luxurious end.



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