39 Summer Nail Ideas — There’s always one nail you can’t put down

Another nice day, another time to get your nails done.

Spring and summer are great for nail designs in all kinds of bright colors, simple and gentle, which is also the latest craze.

Do more complex styles can also change the style, take advantage of the good weather, with a fresh dress to go out, relax is also very good ~

In the meantime, the summer nail ideas shared today are also very beautiful.

There are short nail design, coffin nail art, almond nail,

You can choose your favorite style according to your favorite style

Super suitable for spring and summer, beauty and cool, special texture!

purple almond nails

Transparent nails can also enjoy different patterns, suitable for summer nails, fresh and beautiful! The shape of nail brings beautiful fun to people. Women give up dark color in summer and choose refreshing nails. What is more refreshing than transparent color nails? Nails have a natural sense of light, and combining colors feels like a dream.

Female nails itself has a certain color, transparent color nail polish just add light touch, without the effect of dyeing, so the white part of the need to cut nails, if the nail is a grey color, can use first shallow pink nail polish, but nail transparency, you can obtain realistic texture, is separated from the polish transparent bright red, the fire is the amorous feelings just, In the transparent surface of the nail with white line paste into the shape of a network, the five-pointed star line is wearing a flash of color, fingernails shine brightly, also do not feel monotonous.

Acrylic nails

Dark blue and white floral almond nails

Very solid jelly nails looks super cute, very suitable for short nails and sisters, after light can choose different colors of the jelly glue, deserve to go up the mirror powder, aurora powder is a good choice!

Glitter french tip nails

pretty nail ideas

spring nails

It looks clear, simple and pure. It feels simple and beautiful. What kind of spark does a nail create when it encounters a transparent color? Transparent nail into the fashion circle, transparent color nail simple lines and stars simple and pure do not break modern Western style, nail surface clean and simple, very white, very fresh and lovely.

Simple, low-key, extremely transparent color is very pure and natural, with transparent color as a nail base color contracted is not easy, but a single transparent color is too drab, with light macaron color Department of pink, blue and yellow fresh atmosphere, decorate a beautiful gold line, so transparent nail summer does not allow to miss oh.

black french tip nails and flower nails

short nails

square nails

green nails designs

red square nails

blue square nails art

Short nail design with ginger and black lines

Clean, crisp, transparent nail design

black almond nails

flower almond nails designs

green almond nails

spring nails

white short almond nails

stiletto nails

coffin nails

acrylic nails art

bright nail for summer nails

pink almond nails

classy almond nails art

cute almond nails

pastel almond nails

pretty almond nails

pastel nails ideas

red and purple almond nail designs

DIY almond nails

white almond nails



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