69 Watercolor Tattoos That Are Stunning Works of Art

As we all know, we like tattoos: small tattoos, inner ear tattoos, wrist tattoos, works. We have seen many such tattoos, among which watercolor tattoo is our favorite. Bright colors, complex details, and relaxed design make these works of art that we never know we need.

What makes watercolor tattoos special is that there are so many different ways to decorate your body. In the flower tattoo to show beauty, or take a colorful abstract route. Scroll for our favorite watercolor tattoo idea, plus everything you need to know before you ink.

Little cat
When you see how cute animal tattoos can look, they’re not as wild as they sound. Take them with you if you like.

Add your favorite words and watercolor design to create your own pattern.

Maybe this is the person you miss? In everyone’s heart lives a beautiful angel.

Make your own totem with watercolor.

five-pointed star
The pink, green and yellow shadow lines on the star make it more picturesque.

Exquisite flowers
The lines and miniature flowers on the arm tattoo are flawless. The beauty of flower tattoos is that many flowers have symbolic meanings behind them. This summer should be so lovely.

Let everyone be happy to paint on their own body. Recently, watercolor tattoo is popular in the tattoo world.

It’s like drawing a watercolor along the spine. This sexy green tattoo design.

Rose Tattoo
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet – we love this watercolor tattoo.

Paint and triangles
Simple and amazing is a good choice if you’re not a huge, complex design.

Humorous figure painting
This is like a fashion sketch, lifelike and beautiful action, will only make it more attractive. Let people have countless imagination

Small patterns are also very delicate.

Butterflies tattoo on the wings of roses. We are willing to be a beautiful butterfly and fly freely.

Red flowers are blooming on the shoulders.

After seeing so many super beautiful watercolor tattoos, are you also moved? Let’s invite a tattoo artist to help you design your own watercolor tattoo!



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