Choose The Short Nail Pictures With The Theme Of Halloween, Be A Living Wave Girl Full Of Ancient Spirit

However, in such a high Festival
How can there be no “hand makeup”?
What kinds of halloween themed manicure?
Come and have a look!
I made these smart and lively manicures,
Release Buddha, the whole person has become young and energetic!

The most fashionable costume for Halloween,
Let’s start with “painting Festival elements”!
Simple, scary, temperament, lovely
Manicure styling
All of them have it!!!
Hurry up with the sisters before Halloween
A wave of Manicure with festive atmosphere

//Little purple ghost//

Europe and America feel pink,
Add the little ghost pattern to embellish it,
There’s a little bit of playfulness in simplicity.

//Little black cat//

The cat and the slave will pay,
Black cat pattern on fingernails is not only lovely,
It’s also very suitable for the atmosphere of Halloween,
I don’t know what kind of cat slaves will be made on Halloween,
This is definitely the first choice!


It’s an essential element of Halloween,
This Skull Design
It’s a little cute!



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