Christmas is to Dress Up Carefully, Even Nails Can Not Be Let Go.

Christmas is less than a month away
Fashion ladies and sisters are already impatient!
So will recommend a large number of Christmas manicures for you today
A variety of styles, colors and a types
One time to meet you!

Christmas is inseparable from some elements:
Santa Claus, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, etc
Korean style is to focus on the Christmas elements stacked at the fingertips
Lovely hand-painted patterns are often seen
People are looking forward to the arrival of the festival!

In addition to the classic yellow and green color
In fact, there are many combinations of Korean style Christmas manicure
Like blue and gray, even cool black~
Just hand paint and Christmas
Color matching can be basically according to their own preferences!
I think it’s good
At least it’s not easy to share the same style, right~

And the plaid style
It’s British, it’s Christmas feel
And the feeling of autumn and winter is too much!
In terms of color matching, classic red and green are the most common, and blue is also great
I have to say to you sincerely:
Really special hand white Oh!

After watching so many lovely Korean styles above
If you feel like you can’t hold it
And don’t like too complicated style
Then the next Japanese style you will like!
Japanese manicure is characterized by gentleness and elegance
So Christmas manicure is still the same route
It’s also an essential element of Christmas
Snowflakes and plaid are the main characters of Japanese manicure~

Although most of the Korean style is hand-painted
But there are also many styles with diamond inlays
There is also a combination of autumn and winter style frosting is also very popular
If you’re not used to being cute
You can also try some of the more blingbling styles
It’s also Christmas feel~

The color matching of Japanese style is also unique
The lady has a special fairy!
It’s amazing to even use sparkle to embellish
Like simple style must try Japanese style!



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