Manicure/ Christmas is Coming. Are Your Nails on Holiday?

Christmas clip with a cheerful atmosphere is moving towards us, do you also intend to prepare some special dress for this long-awaited holiday? Perfect makeup, beautiful hairstyle, sexy dress can not be lacking, a Christmas manicure is for you to add a lot of points, both should be the scene, but also for their own shape to add a distinctive bright spot, and that beautiful color, is definitely to enhance the charm of the killer

Red, white and green are the three major symbols of Christmas, whether you are ten fingers of the same solid color, or choose the other two to mix and match, immediately have a strong Christmas atmosphere

If you want to create a sweet and lovely feeling, the appearance of the passable is the best choice. At last, you can add some Christmas style stickers such as Snowman according to your own preference, and you are finished!

If you want to create a sweet and lovely feeling, the appearance of cartoon is the best choice. Finally, you can add some Christmas style patterns such as small snowflakes according to your own preferences, and you are finished!

You can also wait until the nail polish is dry and put on a favorite Christmas Sticker or water drill, which is more gorgeous. The effect of the flash is super.

Christmas tree is also a common element in Christmas manicure. In fact, you don’t need to draw it yourself. You can easily handle it by using tape and stripe stickers. After painting the bottom oil, apply nail polish on the nail, put the adhesive tape on the nail, put a inverted “V” shape, and then color it becomes very simple.

How less Christmas nail, Christmas playful elements of Christmas, Christmas tree, snow… Every one of them is lovely



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