Don’t Miss The New Trend Of Stiletto Nails Ideas Fashion In The Spring Of 2020

Spring is the best season of the year. After a winter’s suffering, spring is like people’s salvation, making people look more energetic. Many people will dress themselves well in spring. After all, the plan of a year is spring. The new season will have a new look. Besides buying new clothes and cosmetics, manicure is also a very important part. Try these super delicate manicures. They look fresh and let spring bloom at your fingertips.

Speaking of spring, the first thing you think about is green, which is also a typical spring color. If you want a group of manicures with spring breath, you must try the green series, just like this group of manicures. It is not pure green, if it is pure green, it will inevitably look a little dazzling, and with other colors of decoration, it will be more elegant.

This group of manicures is very advanced in color matching. Although it is green, some small accessories and other color matching make this group of manicures only fresh when they are displayed in front of us, but there is no dazzling feeling of green. In addition to the solid color of the index finger and thumb, the other nails in this group are either decorated with patches or designed with gradual shading. This enhancement will look more refined and more advanced.

This is a group of manicures with a gentle breath in the fresh. This group of manicures takes a simple and advanced route. Although the design of the manicure surface is not particularly complex, it will give people a gentle and atmospheric feeling. The background color of this group of manicures is transparent, very fresh and bright. The decoration of five fingernails of one hand is different, which can make the whole more abundant.



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