Tattoo In What Position, Low-Key And Charm!

We have to find one that makes sense,
Or a beautiful design,
And then they have to think about where to tattoo and which tattoo artist is good at,
But I think there is still one point that can not be missed,
Important degree does not lose the first two, is the pattern in what part?

Especially for people who don’t want their tattoos to be too conspicuous,
There are fewer lines on the body.
I’ll give you an analysis today,
In the end, where is the pattern? Low key and charming!


Around The Ear

The shape of each person’s ear and ear bone is different,
That is to say, according to your ears
To create a unique pattern!


Foot Tattoo

The foot is a very popular tattoo area,
Because it’s easy to hide when you need it.


Neck Tattoo

The neck is a place that people often notice,
It’s low-key and eye-catching,
A lot of people will print the most meaningful patterns here.


Finger Tattoo

All the actions are charming!



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